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Michael Tugo, founder of Body Sculpting, has worked in many large, corporate gyms throughout his personal training years. While he was working for these gyms he couldn’t get over the idea of how the clients were being misguided. He thought it was unfair for gym members to have personal trainers who let computer analysis lead their workouts. Michael believes that to be a personal trainer if they don’t become personal with their trainees and don’t design workouts and sessions to that person’s specific needs.  Fourteen years ago, Michael moved away from the corporate gym scene and opened Body Sculpting Studio. At Body Sculpting, we consult, discuss, and guide you each step along the way to your specific body needs. You’re not just joining another gym; you’re joining a family that shares the same interest as you. Body Sculpting is a non-crowded studio that allows you to be you and helps you achieve your fitness goals.


"At Body Sculpting, we stride to improve fitness and wellness for our community by setting the standard for personal training. Providing a clean facility where we design and guide healthy seeking individuals through tailored, quality programs".



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4004  Hillsboro Pike Nashville,  TN  37215



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