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Michael is the founder and owner of Body Sculpting and has been doing personal training for 25 years. Formally in the military, Michael has been involved in fitness/wellness research studies, worked alongside physical therapists and chiropractors, and holds the highest personal training certification (Masters of Personal Training Certification). He works with a wide variety of trainees and helps cure health problems such as low back pain, shoulder discomfort, knee aggravation ect… Michael understands how important it is for people to stay healthy and makes it his goal each day to aid and guide every trainee. Michael resides in Franklin, TN .


“Being able to help people achieve their fitness goal is why I became a personal trainer. I love communicating with my trainees and seeing them progress each training session”.

4004  Hillsboro Pike, Suite 214B, Nashville, TN 37215 | (615) 297-9601

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